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Sometimes, in very early stages of a project, there might be different questions: 

How could this specific story or any part of the story look like ?

There is a very special set within the story - how can one solve it technically within a realistic budget ? 

What are alternativ better options - shoot it on location or soundstage ?

Is it possible to film this story in a certain region, which might not be the city / country / period of the story ?

What can be done in camera and where is VFX needed ?

A detailed calculation of an art department budget ?

All of these questions might need to be evaluated, even before financing started. So, if you are in need of:

- a perfect look-book / mood-book to trigger possible stakeholders

- a look-book of locations in a certain region to produce your movie

- a detailed art-department calculation of your script

I'm happy to help you with that and already did for a number of production companies.

In such an early stage this doesn't mean of course, that I have to be your final choice as the production designer. If there is a green light to your production and if it all works out in the end, perfekt. But nevertheless it is also a matter of style, timing, the story itself, or a match / mismatch with the director and DoP.  

Please feel free to contact me on those matters to evaluate the possibilities of cooperating.

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